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Finishing Top 25
It pays to spray with DUX.
When we designed the DUX spray guns, our first and foremost objective was to develop a more effective way to deliver paint. And we got it: a 15-40% reduction in paint with the DUX Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology. But, we also wanted to make sure the DUX gun could deliver a high quality finish. And exceed environmental compliance. And we got those too. Ultimately, what we really ended up with was a spray gun that has revolutionized the spray gun industry.

Check out our recent webinar: Green spray guns: How new technology can reduce your environmental impact

DUX Wins 2008 IWF Challengers Award!
DUX received the most coveted award in the woodworking industry at the 2008 International Woodworking Fair. Officially awarded on August 20th, the prize recognizes the DUX spray guns' Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology as one of the woodworking industry's most innovative and environmentally friendly new technologies. Click here to learn more about this major award!

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