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Dux Area, Inc. is now Dux International Technologies, LLC providing the same world class solutions for industrial finishing. Our team of experts in Seattle and regionally in the US and Canada can provide the technology that will reduce cost and improve results all while reducing the impact on our environment. This technology has been tested with industrial users in various industries for more than five years and is both field proven and market ready. It truly transforms the way spray-on coatings are applied, opening a whole new scope of capabilities to the spray coatings market.

The company's value proposition to customers is four-fold:

Substantial coatings and cost savings.
By working with the DUX gun, you will reduce the amount of coating required to cover a given surface by 15-40% without reducing the thickness or protective qualities of the coating. It does so by increasing the amount of paint that hits the target, while decreasing the amount that is lost into the surrounding air. These coating reductions lead to equivalent cost savings.

Better finish quality.
DUX's patented Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology allows for superior atomization of coating materials at very low air pressures. The resulting consistency in coating particle size allows users to spray objects without worrying about sags, drips, or the orange peel effect commonly created by high air pressure or high air volume spray equipment.

Improved health and faster clean up.
Substantially reduce the health, safety, and clean up costs associated with applying coatings by using the DUX gun. Because our product doesn't produce the paint booth "fog" (suspended paint particles) common to other guns, operators are less likely to breathe harmful particles and vapors. Less paint settles onto surrounding equipment, making it easier to clean the painting area at the end of the day.

Improved air quality.
Use of the DUX gun will permit those in the business of applying coatings to comply more cost effectively with Air Quality Standards while reducing their utility bills. Paints and other coatings contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that create smog when released into the atmosphere. Using less paint means lower VOC releases. Lower operating air pressures with the DUX gun also means your compressors don't have to work as hard - saving energy.

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