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Given the large size of most aircraft, using traditional paint booths is not an option. As a result, different measures must be used to capture or reduce paint overspray and blowback. The DUX spray guns excel in this area, providing superior transfer efficiencies due to reduced operating pressures and lower air volumes.

In addition, the DUX guns provide superior performance when very low mil builds are required. In an effort to reduce aircraft weight, many aerospace manufacturers and parts suppliers specify coating thicknesses of 1.0 mil or less. Traditional HVLP guns often cannot atomize materials properly at low fluid flow rates and require the use of fluid tips sized at 1.0 mm or higher. The DUX gun operates flawlessly with fluid tip sizes down to 0.6 mm and can consistently apply an even coating of 0.5 mil or less.

Finally, with the move to water-based, non-chromate primers, it is essential for spray equipment to adequately atomize and apply these difficult coatings. Most high volume air spray equipment has a tendency to trap excess air between the target surface and the coating during application. As the air works its way out of the paint, severe defects such as orange peeling or sagging can occur, forcing costly reworking of the surface.  The DUX technology prevents these finishing defects while simultaneously cutting down on overall material costs.  As always, the superior performance and overall benefits resulting from using DUX guns is not only evident in objective data, but also by actual users of the gun:

"It will cut down on maintenance since it has fewer parts, compared to the upkeep on our electrostatic equipment, which is expensive.  The DUX gun has low overspray (10% to 15% with consistent density in up to 90% of the fan pattern), which reduces masking time and uses less paint.  Plus, we can do all the finishes with one gun."

Steve Waters, Appearance Manager

Evergreen Air Center, Marana, AZ

(excerpted from Aviation Maintenance: Puttin' on the Paint; July 2005)


For more information on how the DUX gun is being used in the aerospace industry, contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com.

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