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Typical HVLP Design

Turbulence inside gun creates static charge

  • Coating particles repel one another forcing some out of the column
  • Contaminations with opposite charge are drawn into coating

Higher air pressures required

  • 25-40 psi at the gun inlet to produce 10 psi at the air cap
  • Loss inside the gun is 15-30 psi

High internal pressures cause "explosion" at air cap

  • Air blown out of spray column
  • Coatings particles carried away with air, creating booth "fog"

DUX Design

Straight passages and sweeping curves

  • Reduce friction and turbulence

Fewer Obstructions

  • Fluid needles, springs, and other parts separated from airflow passages

Minimized air travel distance

  • Less wall friction = lower pressure

Less air expansion at air cap

  • Lower operating pressures result in less explosive effect
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