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If you've been in the spray finishing business for awhile, you've probably assembled a large collection of spray guns - each supposedly dedicated to a specific application or coating type. In fact, identifying the most appropriate gun and accessories on most manufacturers' Web sites (or via their catalogs) can be a nightmare of comparison charts, model numbers, and cryptic specifications.

DUX makes it easy. All three of our spray guns can be used in any industry, for any application process, and with any material type. For the first time, operators can settle on a single spray gun, simply choosing from the three fluid delivery methods: Pressure Feed, Gravity Feed, and Automatic. Since all DUX guns use the same internal components, it's also incredibly easy to keep wearable part kits in stock. You'll never find yourself stopping production while you wait for a specific set of gun parts again.

To demonstrate the incredible flexibility of the DUX guns, we've provided an overview of how our gun is used in each of the following industries:

DUX spray guns have the versatility to spray virtually any coating onto nearly any product. If your product does not fall into any of the categories listed within this section, please contact us and let us show you how our gun can handle any product.

For more information on how the DUX gun is being used in any of these industries listed, contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com.

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