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Architectural and outdoor steel coating procedures have changed dramatically in the last several years. It is no longer acceptable to use airless or conventional air spray technologies in many areas due to the extreme overspray and the release of VOCs directly into the atmosphere. Traditional HVLP guns have not provided a viable alternative due to slower production speeds and poor finish quality, forcing many contractors to return to roll and brush coating in many situations.

The DUX gun can solve this problem. Because less air is trapped in the coating material as it is being laid onto the target's surface, a much higher mil build can be achieved in a single pass, without dripping or sagging. This allows operators to paint outdoor structures with fewer passes, decreasing production time and avoiding additional delays due to weather and other uncontrollable factors.

For residential coating professionals, the lack of overspray means much less worry about damage to surrounding structures or vehicles - allowing for spray painting in areas that would previously have been brushed or rolled. The reduction in overspray and fog also has a huge impact on indoor painting operations. Doors, cabinets, and trim can be painted without the massive masking and tenting effort currently required.

For more information regarding the use of DUX equipment in the architectural market, please contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com.

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