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Can an automatic spray gun save money and improve finish quality? Yes, if it's a DUX gun.

For the first time, an automatic spray gun can achieve a superior finish, maintain production speed, and reduce coatings waste.

Immediate ROI.
Our patented DUX Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology reduces booth fog and blowback from the target, the two leading causes of coatings waste. With transfer efficiency gains of 15-40% over traditional High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) and other spray gun technologies, a DUX Automatic spray gun can pay for itself in the first month of use and create incremental cost savings throughout the lifetime of the product.

Because more material hits the target, less is trapped in booth air filters and on disposable masking materials, reducing consumable costs and hazardous waste disposal fees. In fact, use of DUX spray guns can cut the cost of paint operations in half.

DUX Automatic in Action.
Click the 'play' button to watch video of the DUX Automatic spray gun in action, thanks to our friends at Artomation.

Enhanced finish quality.
Utilizing our patented airflow and atomization technologies, a DUX Automatic spray gun covers surfaces more evenly. The result is a superior finish without orange peel, sagging, or dripping, providing a benefit to both you and your customers.

Environmentally friendly.
DUX spray guns use lower operating pressures, which decreases booth fog and overspray. Less paint build up on equipment makes clean up easier and extends the life of mechanical parts. Clearer air creates a healthier work environment. Because less material is wasted, fewer VOCs and other hazardous pollutants are released into the atmosphere, therefore reducing regulatory burdens.

Light, compact design.
With its short air passages and compact body, the DUX Automatic spray gun is lighter and more balanced than other spray guns. It also reduces the component fatigue on paint systems, reciprocators, and robotics caused by friction.

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