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DUX Advanced Laminar Airflow Technology provides significant benefits to users in a variety of industries.

  • Coating savings.
    Since DUX Advanced Laminar Airflow guns use lower volumes of compressed air at lower pressures, less material escapes into the surrounding air. The result is a 15-40% reduction in material usage to achieve the same coating, thickness, and quality.
  • Lower operating costs.
    Due to lower air volumes, the air compressor can run less frequently, decreasing electricity usage and costs.
  • Improved finish quality.
    The low volume of air used by Laminar Airflow guns mean less air is trapped behind the coating material, virtually eliminating sagging and orange peel.
  • Reduced health problems.
    DUX guns reduce the amount of material used, meaning less material lands on the hair and skin of operators, reducing toxins that can permeate the body.
  • Grow operations without re-permitting.
    Laminar Airflow guns reduce excess particles and VOCs in the surrounding atmosphere, keeping companies in regulatory compliance and minimizing the possibility of operating fines.
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