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Leading HVLP Gun at 10 psi Air Cap Pressure*

The HVLP gun's density is uneven

  • Demonstrated with the orange spots

Paint particles immediately escape into the air as they leave the paint column

  • The air decompresses, taking paint particles with it

Blowback is apparent with the leading HVLP gun

  • Note the blue cloud rising from the flat surface at the bottom

Expanding air hits the surface and has no where to go

  • This creates paint fog

DUX Gun at 10 psi Air Cap Pressure*

Smooth, even distribution of material

  • Minimal orange spots on the image

DUX's Laminar Airflow Technology virtually eliminates sagging and orange peel

  • Less air is trapped behind coating material

Excess particles and VOCs are reduced

  • Material lands on the target

* The preceding images were taken with "Particle Image Velocimetry" (PIV) equipment with both guns at 10 psi air cap pressure. The images show half of the spray pattern. The guns are shooting down from the top of the images to a flat surface at the bottom of the image as shown in the diagram to the right. The colors represent the density of the particles (similar to a Doppler Radar) with dark areas being the most dense and the light green and blue areas being the less dense. Both the HVLP gun and DUX gun were tested under the exact same spray conditions.
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