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The industrial equipment category includes just about any piece of machinery that requires a good finish at a reasonable price - from earth moving equipment, to conveyor systems, equipment racks, dumpsters, and any number of products that simply help with every day life.

Unlike some other industries, the primary emphasis in this category is corrosion control, which is typically achieved through heavy application of specialized coatings. While excellent finish quality is certainly expected, most manufacturers of industrial equipment are looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs in this highly competitive market. The DUX gun provides a solution for both needs.

Coatings such as epoxy primers and epoxy topcoats are typically found in this segment. Applied at thicknesses of three mil or more, the cost of these coatings can really add up. If the finishing professional is using an inefficient spray technology, 50% or more of the coating may be wasted through overspray or paint booth fog. Users of the DUX gun simply don't have this problem. Here's what several of our customers in this market have to say:

"The DUX gun is the first truly new gun the industry has ever seen. Every other gun on the market is simply a modified version of a previous design. While other manufacturers seem to be trying to cut corners to cut their own costs, DUX is putting out a truly high-end product that, so far, has saved us between 15-30% on our coating usage."
Larry Boville Jr., Owner
Boville Industrial Coatings, Smithville, OH

"The DUX gun has a lot of advantages, but what sold me was the coating savings. We've seen across the board reductions in the use of our waterborne baking enamels - and we're seeing significant savings on consumables as well."
Jim McGowan, Paint Superintendent
Equipto Electronics, Aurora, IL

"Honestly, I first became interested in the DUX gun when I heard I could save money by using less coating material. While I knew this was good for business, I also knew it meant lower VOC emissions. After using the gun we realized we were reducing our use of consumables as well. While the environmental benefits are clear, my applicators have also raved about the gun's finish quality and the lack of overspray. It has been a winning solution for everyone."
Tony Cash, Owner
R & B Coatings, Chicago, IL

For more information on how the DUX gun is being used in the industrial sector, contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com.

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