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Marine coatings clearly provide a unique set of challenges for any spray technology. Typically containing very high solids content, these extreme anti-corrosive coatings can be difficult to atomize. Traditionally, this meant the operator was forced to use very high air pressures, or settle for poor finish quality.

Unfortunately, while high-pressure spray systems allow for sufficient break-up of these thick materials, they also tend to result in contamination of the surrounding environment. Given the fact that many marine coating operations are performed either on the water or in open-air dry docks, unintended environmental damage can occur. As the scope of this problem has become more evident, regulators have disallowed certain types of spray equipment for many operations, or have required extremely expensive protective measures.

DUX technology solves this problem. The lack of overspray, blowback and fog allows operators to work in sensitive environments where brush and roll coating had previously been required. The ability to apply extremely thick coating layers in a single pass, without dripping or sagging, also improves productivity since operators are not forced to wait for drying between multiple coats.

Finally, the same DUX gun that sprays other marine coatings can also spray the newer silicone and ceramic based anti-fouling materials. Designed as a replacement for copper based bottom paints, these coatings are extremely difficult to atomize without creating significant overspray and wasted material. The DUX gun simply does not have this problem, making the use of these environmentally friendly materials more viable than ever.  Read the testimonial below for more information:

"We have found the DUX guns amazing in reliability, ergonomics, and foremost, in paint application savings. More paint is being applied to the metal, less paint is going off into the air, and there is NOTICEABLY less paint getting on the painters, the equipment, and the booth filters." 

Steve Connolly
US Coast Guard Industrial

"You can dial down the pressure to reduce overspray.  [The guns] fill the void between high pressure spray guns and rollers and brushes. 

Taylor Pennock, Shop Manager
Pacific Fishermen, Inc., Seattle, WA

excerpted from JPCL: New Spray Gun Reins in Overspray, Speeds Job; August 2006

To learn more about our success in the marine industry, contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com and ask for references or case studies.
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