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Air quality regulations are important in every industrial segment, but the release of VOCs and other hazardous materials can be particularly troublesome for plastic and fiberglass manufacturers. Given the potential release of toxins during the core manufacturing process, it's important that the coating process not add to the problem.

Fortunately, the DUX spray guns are the most environmentally efficient guns available. By reducing booth fog and blowback, they radically reduce the amount of coatings waste. Obviously, lower coatings use results in lower VOC emissions. Plants that may be struggling to stay within their combined total emissions limits may find that reductions in coating operation emissions allow for expanded production in other areas of the facility.

Finally, in many cases, plastic and fiberglass parts are coated primarily for cosmetic reasons. Finish quality is therefore of paramount concern. However, with much of the coatings industry moving toward water-based coatings, manufacturers are finding it harder and harder to maintain or improve critical finish characteristics such as gloss levels.

Again, the DUX guns excel in this area. Because it uses a much lower air volume for atomization, less air is trapped in the paint when it hits the target surface. This is particularly important with water-borne coatings, since air bubbles that escape during the drying process are a leading cause of finish defects such as orange peel and sagging. Excess air in the coating also has a negative impact on gloss levels.

For more information on how the DUX gun is being used in the plastics industry, contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com.

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