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DUX was founded in January 2004 to commercialize spray technology that has been in development for the last five years. The three resulting products dramatically reduce the amount of overspray and booth fog created by typical spray guns, saving customers money, and improving the work environment. DUX currently offers three products that meet the needs of all finishing professionals. All three products utilize a consistent design with common internal parts. Each is capable of spraying virtually any coating in nearly every environment.

DUX's three products are:

DUX Pressure Feed.
Typically used in industrial environments where large quantities of the same coatings are sprayed throughout the day, this product receives both atomizing air and fluid through the base of the gun for better balance and ease of use. Product Details

DUX Gravity Feed.
Used when smaller quantities of coating or more frequent material changes are required, this version of the DUX spray gun is designed with a center mounted fluid cup and a shorter barrel than competing guns. This allows it to fit into tight spaces while maintaining a balanced and lightweight feel for the operator. Product Details

DUX Automatic.
Used with robotic applicators or reciprocators, this version of the DUX gun is mounted directly to automated spray equipment. Its compact design leads to a nearly 25% reduction in weight over other automatic guns, resulting in less component fatigue on reciprocators and robotics equipment. Product Details

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