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How this calculator works: Lab testing and customer testimonials have demonstrated that DUX spray guns reliably achieve a Transfer Efficiency (TE) that is 15-40 percentage points higher than other spray equipment. The exact percentage increase is determined by many factors, including the type of equipment being replaced, coating material, and operator skill. This calculator uses a fixed 25% increase in TE (approximately the middle of the range) with a maximum DUX TE of 90% - although higher TEs may be possible depending upon conditions. Please note that your actual results may vary depending upon the factors above. To request a demonstration and a customized savings calculation based on actual demo results, please contact DUX Customer Service at 1-888-389-2732.
 Variables Current Value DUX Value
 Coatings Data
Average daily coatings usage (gal.):          
Average Price of Coating (per gal.): $     $    
Estimated Transfer Efficiency (%): %     %    
 Filter Data
Labor Cost for One Complete Filter Change: $     $    
Required Filter Changes Per Year:          
Number of Filter Elements Required per Filter Change:          
Average Filter Element Cost (per element): $     $    
Weekly Filter Disposal Cost: $     $    
 Clean-up Data
Weekly Cleanup Labor Cost: $     $    
 Gun Purchase Data
Number of DUX Manual Guns to be Purchased:     
Number of DUX Automatic Guns to be Purchased:     
  Coating Volume Calculations (for reference)
*Volume of material adhering to substrate (gal.):          
Volume of material wasted (gal.):          
Total Daily Coatings Use:          
Percentage of Material Saved: %    


*Note: This model assumes the user wishes to maintain consistent coating thickness on the substrate regardless of application technology

Your Results
Annual Cost Savings Current DUX (est) Savings
Coating Material Used (gal.):
Filters Elements Used:
Cost of Coating Material:
Cost of Filter Elements:
Cost of Filter Disposal:
Clean Up Costs:
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