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US Coast Guard Industrial
Part of the Armed Forces of the United States, the Coast Guard Industrial division in Boston finishes nautical vessels, marine equipment and navigational buoys with specialized coatings designed to withstand the rigors of a saltwater environment. They needed a spray gun that could deliver exceptionally high finish quality while saving them money on the extremely expensive coatings. They found their answer in the DUX gun and are proud to report they are also seeing a significant reduction in emission of VOCs.

"We have found the DUX guns amazing in reliability, ergonomics, and foremost, in paint application savings. More paint is being applied to the metal, less paint is going off into the air, and there is NOTICEABLY less paint getting on the painters, the equipment, and the booth filters."
Steve Connolly, USCG Industrial

Smyda Woodworking, Inc.
As one of the country's premier custom furniture manufacturers, Smyda Woodworking strives to create high-quality furniture that compliments each customer's individual personality. Founded in 1999, the company's headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in the beautiful countryside of Rankin County near Brandon, MS. Given the natural setting, Smyda was looking for a spray gun with the technology that could provide an excellent finish while reducing environmentally harmful emissions.

"We live and work in a beautiful part of the country, so any new technology that we implement has to be environmentally sound. When we first tried the DUX gun, we noticed an immediate reduction in overspray and about a 35% increase in our painters' productivity rate - leading to lower overall VOC emissions. The best part was that we didn't have to sacrifice finish quality to achieve those results."
Bryan Smyda, Founder

ABDO Sheet Metal
ABDO Sheet Metal is a punch and forming sheet metal fabricating business located in Frankfort, NY. The company uses cutting-edge computer and fabrication technology to coordinate production, assembly, and special projects for customers in many different businesses. They've been using the DUX gun to apply primer as well as a "safety yellow" topcoat.

"Both the DUX gun and the DUX staff have lived up to everything they promised. The gun is easy to use, it provides a great finish, and we're saving lots of money on materials. In fact, because of the reduction in paint booth fog, my painters actually come out of the booth clean. Now when I slap them on the back for a job well done, my hand doesn't stick to their uniform!"
Mike Abdo, Owner

Guier Fence
As the premier provider of fencing solutions in Kansas City, MO, Guier Fence has built its reputation on customer service and value. When customers invest in wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought-iron, and chain-link fencing solutions from Guier Fence, they get the value of top quality materials and expert craftsmanship in an installed product. That's why final finish quality is so important to Keith Farmer, Commercial Division Manager, and the reason he chose the DUX gun.

"The unusual contours found on architectural fencing products create a real challenge for our painters. It's really difficult to get a high quality finish while maintaining high transfer efficiencies. When we first saw the DUX gun, we immediately noticed the more concentrated spray pattern and lack of overspray, and we thought it would be great for our application. We were right! Our painters are now getting more material on the target and the finish quality is better than ever. We estimate material savings of 35-40%!"
Keith Farmer, Commercial Division Manager

Midwest Trailer Repair, Inc.
Midwest Trailer Repair in Chicago, IL knows everything there is to know about refurbishing trailers. Located in the heart of the national hub system, they buy, sell, repair, convert, sandblast, refurbish, cut-down and, of course, paint trailers and vans of all shapes and sizes. A 60-foot paint booth anchors the facility and it is rarely idle in this extremely busy shop. Management knew that any new painting technology would have to prove itself before incurring the expense of switching from the existing system.

"We're always busy, so shutting down my booth to test new technologies is not something I normally do. I was intrigued by the potential for paint savings and VOC reductions with the DUX gun, though, and I'm glad I took the time to check it out. We recently calculated an average 20% reduction in paint use! At that rate, it didn't take me long to start using DUX guns exclusively. Plus, my painters are happy because they go home with more paint on the trailers - and less on them!"
Josh Tannenbaum, Owner

Equipto Electronics Corporation
Equipto Electronics Corporation in Aurora, IL manufactures a wide array of electronics cabinets, enclosures, and workstations. Known for exacting quality standards, their products are among the best in the world when it comes to EMI shielding and seismic stability. Paint Superintendent, Jim McGowan, was an early adopter of DUX technology and had this to say about his experience:

"The DUX gun has a lot of advantages, but what sold me was the coating savings. We've seen across the board reductions in the use of our waterborne baking enamels - and we're seeing significant savings on consumables as well."
Jim McGowan, Paint Superintendent

MAC Automation Concepts, Inc.
Established in 1980, MAC Automation Concepts, Inc., located in Woodstock, IL, has built a solid reputation for quality, innovative products, and conscientious service in the parts management business. With a product line ranging from conveyor systems to clean rooms, the company has diverse requirements when it comes to the application of industrial coatings.

"We manufacture a premium product and demand an extremely high quality finish from our coating systems. The DUX gun, not only met those high standards, it did it while spraying our most challenging hammer-tone enamel coating. We've even seen a 30% savings in coating usage without any impact on finish quality! Our painters also appreciated the precise fan width control, the light weight of the gun, and the noticeable reduction in paint booth fog."
Raul Reyes, Regional Sales Manager

R & B Powder Coating, Inc.
R & B Powder Coating is a high volume powder coater/finisher located in Chicago, IL. Being an environmentally responsible organization, R & B Powder Coating was looking for ways to improve air quality when they heard about the DUX product.

"Honestly, I first became interested in the DUX gun when I heard I could save money by using less coating material. While I knew this was good for business, I also knew it meant lower VOC emissions. After using the gun we realized we were reducing our use of consumables as well. While the environmental benefits are clear, my applicators have also raved about the gun's finish quality and the lack of overspray. It has been a winning solution for everyone."
Tony Cash, Owner

Southern Traditions Enterprise, Inc.
Located in Greenville, SC, Southern Traditions Enterprises, Inc. manufactures and coats custom and standard wood and synthetic shutters to homeowners, builders, and wholesale accounts. Like most manufacturers competing in the marketplace, they are constantly searching for new equipment that will provide their customers with the highest quality products.

"Our material savings have been quite impressive. Based upon what I'd heard about the DUX gun, I expected an improvement over my existing HVLP gun, but we're seeing savings of 50%! That kind of savings really helps my bottom line."
David Burress, Owner

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