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In response to ever tightening air quality rules, the wood finishing industry is currently experiencing a major shift away from solvent-based coating materials. Unfortunately, while coatings manufacturers have developed new compliant water-based coatings, few spray equipment suppliers have designed equipment that adequately applies it. The DUX gun, however, is the perfect fit.

The problem with water-based coatings in this industry is two-fold. First, the relatively high pressures of traditional High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) and Conventional Air Spray (CAS) guns create very fine droplets that travel at high velocity toward the wood surface. Upon impact, water in the coating material is forced directly into the wood surface and can cause the grain to rise. This is the primary reason most wood products must be sanded and recoated several times before a smooth finish can be achieved. The DUX gun operates at much lower pressures and with approximately half the airflow of HVLP guns and other conventional spray technologies. This provides for a more uniform and softer application of the coating material and does not result in rising grain.

Second, gloss levels are extremely important in many segments of the wood finishing industry, especially when these water-based coatings are used. Unfortunately, spray guns with high air volumes have a tendency to trap air beneath the coating as it is applied to the target surface. As the air works its way back to the coating surface and escapes, it tends to create orange peel, thereby reducing gloss levels. This is especially prevalent in water-based coatings. Because the DUX gun uses less than half the air volume and much less pressure than HVLP guns, this effect is virtually eliminated.

As we've said before - don't take our word for it! The following customer testimonials confirm the superior performance of the DUX technology:

"We live and work in a beautiful part of the country, so any new technology we implement has to be environmentally sound. When we first tried the DUX gun we noticed an immediate reduction in overspray and about a 35% increase in our painters' productivity rate - leading to lower overall VOC emissions. The best part was that we didn't have to sacrifice finish quality to achieve those results."
Bryan Smyda, Owner
Smyda Woodworking, Inc., Brandon, MS

"Our material savings have been quite impressive. Based upon what I'd heard about the DUX gun, I expected an improvement over my existing HVLP gun, but we're seeing savings of 50%! That kind of savings really helps my bottom line."
David Burress, Owner
Southern Traditions Enterprise, Inc., Greenville, SC

"Within the first month, we had increased our capacity in the finishing area.  Not only do we get a better finish with less materal used, the more compact gun allows us to get into smaller areas of the cabinet.  Not only does it look better aesthetically, but it provides better overall quality because moisture can't escape unevenly [from the unfinished area]."

Timothy Ryter, Vice President of Operations
Marshall Furniture, Antioch, IL

(excerpted from Wood and Wood Products: Furnituremaker Finishes at the Head of the Class; August 2006)

For more information on how the DUX gun is being used in the wood industry, contact DUX at 888-DUX-AREA or 888-389-2732 / sales@duxarea.com.

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